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5 Reasons why vegan is good for kids. Veganism is a lifestyle choice that ‘s hard, but good for your health. If you choose vegetarian, you may have experienced a lot of criticism and maybe got a laugh as well.

Especially if you grew up in a family of meat lovers, the decision may have shocked everyone around you and must have gotten you a lot of flak. Being veganism is also an excellent way to slim down especially if you’re fond of using Yohimbe for weight loss.

Here 5 reasons vegan is good for kids:
1. The Earlier The Better
Even though you probably made a shift to veganism in your mid 20’s, the ideal time for you to introduce your child to a green lifestyle is at the age of 3. A toddler is sure to be more open and accepting to a vegan diet, with very minimal resistance.
Your kid will enjoy his soy sandwich as much as the neighbor’s kid enjoys his ham sandwich if that’s what he has grown up eating.

2. Low In Saturated Fats And Harmful Chemicals
Obesity, the risk of cardiac conditions, allergies and high blood pressure are not just concerns of grown adults. Kids can be their victims too! A vegan diet is not only low in saturated fat but also free of harmful chemicals and cholesterol that results in lower death rates caused due to heart diseases.

3. Rich Source Of Essential Nutrients
Here are some of the best sources of essential nutrients for your child.
Fruits and vegetables provide ample amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, which protect cells against oxidative damage, one of the most leading causes of cancer and other health concerns.
To help your child strengthen his bones and teeth, spinach, collard greens, kale, soy milk, fortified orange juice, sesame seeds, broccoli, almonds, and carrots provide excellent sources of calcium.
Vitamin B12 is essential for cognitive and motor development in kids. It also prevents anemia. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from fortified breakfast cereals, fortified soy milk, nutritional yeast or multivitamins.

4. Reduced Risk Of Food Allergies And Illnesses
A vegan diet also prevents your child from contracting meat-borne illnesses like Bird Flu, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Mad Cow Disease.

5. Make Kids More Environmentally Conscious
Teaching your child the environmental benefits of a vegan diet will help him grow up to be an environmentally conscious individual. At the rate at which the human race is harming the earth, we could do a lot with many environmental activists!
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