my kind of a more REALISTIC (vegan) MEAL PREP ?

time for a little vid showing you what i meal prepped this last weekend, when i decided to do such a thing. it’s not your average type of meal-prep scenario with oodles of uniform plastic containers, but I think you’ll enjoy it none the less and it will get your plantiful-imagination-cogs turning 🙂 much love honeybunches and thanks for watching !! xox

lentil sausage rolls:

banana bread:

carrot & parsley savoury muffins:

crunchy chocolate:

similar quinoa salad recipe:

similar bliss ball recipe:

T H E H B O T C O O K B O O K –

i have a cookbook – woo !! it’s called ‘The HBOT Cookbook’ and you can find both the digital format and hardcopy varieties through my Etsy shop – plus oodles more details on what you’ll find beneath the cover.





September Song, By Agnes Obel

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