Ed The Vegan | The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

I’m Ed… Ed The Vegan.

My plant-based diet isn’t just good for the environment and a way to improve animal welfare.

It also helps me to stay happy, healthy, strong and fast.

It’s an adventure and a journey.

And I’m discovering new flavours, improving my relationships and staying compassionate in all aspects of my life – while saving money on my food shopping bills.

I want to help you on your vegan journey, so if you haven’t already…
– Like my page at https://facebook.com/edthevegan
– Sign up for my group full of likeminded people, “A Bunch of F***ing Vegetables” at https://edthevegan.com/a-bunch-of-fking-vegetables/

And whatever you’d like to know about the vegan journey, let’s talk!

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