Vegan Diet-Low Testosterone In Men & Women Losing Period. Why? Dr Michael Greger

Why do some women lose their period when they go on a vegan diet? Why do some men suffer with low testosterone levels on a vegan diet? Is a vegan diet bad for your hormone levels? Can you have adequate hormone levels on a plant based diet? Do all vegans have low hormone levels? What can you do if you have lost your period on a vegan diet? What can you do to raise your testosterone levels back up on a plant based diet? Keep listening as Dr Michael Greger answers these questions…..

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Full Interview

Diet and sex-hormone binding globulin, dysmenorrhea, and premenstrual symptoms.

Acceptability of a Therapeutic Low-Fat, Vegan Diet in Premenopausal Women

Hormones and diet: low insulin-like growth factor-I but
normal bioavailable androgens in vegan men

Testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin, calculated free testosterone, and oestradiol in male vegans and omnivores.

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I believe a low fat raw food vegan diet is optimal for humans however a low fat plant based diet is still a wonderful way to start improving your health, lose weight, cure diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, IBS &Crohns, migraines, etc!

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