Raw Vegan Produce Haul + Tips + Where I Buy My Food

John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you his latest raw vegan produce shopping haul from the Los Angeles Produce Terminal + Other Stores.

You will discover the NON-GMO starter plants and mostly organic produce he is eating this month. You will discover all the different fruits and vegetables John is eating and his produce tips including how he will use the fruits and vegetables he is purchasing and how to get the most nutrition out of them.

In this episode, John shares with you latest Los Angeles Wholesale Produce terminal and wholesale vegetable plant shopping haul from CPG Plant Nursery in Norwalk, California.

You will discover some of John’s favorite spots for purchasing fruits and vegetables as well as other raw foods in Southern California.

Along the way, you will learn how John will be eating the produce as well as his hints and tips regarding fresh produce.

You will also discover the few non-produce items John purchased and why.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:54 Plants Im Planting this Month
02:36 Produce Haul Starts
02:40 Organic Satsuma Mandarins
03:53 One Stop Wholesale Organic Produce in Los Angeles
05:53 Fuyu Persimmons
07:04 Organic Red Grapes
09:00 How to Store Your Fruits Longer
09:34 Organic Orange Peppers
11:07 Best Way to Use Peppers
11:43 More Organic Orange Peppers
14:25 Red Cactus Fruits (Cactus Pears)
16:00 Where I get my Cactus Fruits
17:40 Organic Mangoes
18:18 Local vs Imported Produce
20:10 Imported Mangoes are Hot Water Dipped or Irradiated
22:50 Organic Cucumbers
24:29 Best Seller at the New Terminal at LA for Organic Produce
25:29 Organic Valencia Oranges from Mexico
26:20 Problem with Store-Bought Citrus and How to Deal with it
27:57 My preferred Organic Valencia Oranges
29:20 How can you tell if Valencia Oranges are Riper
32:05 Tropical Jackfruit
33:33 Favorite Fruit I got this trip
34:29 Wild Palm Fruit from Murray Farms
35:33 Lilac Persimmons from Murray Farms
39:03 My favorite Organic Cost Effective Date Farmer
41:14 Organic Blueberries
43:40 Sugar Cane Juice
45:41 Sea Vegetables from the Japanese Store

After watching this episode you will learn how inexpensive organic produce can be if you purchase it at the wholesale produce terminal as well as other places you can source other nutritious foods around Los Angeles.

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