Ten inspiring before and after vegan diet transformations! Not in any particular order, just some serious motivation from start to finish.
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1. 200 lbs lost as a couple:

Together, We Lost 200 Pounds in 2 Years!

BROAD STUDY on weight loss:

2. Victoria Rose

How a Plant-Based Lifestyle Helped Me Regain My Health and Youthfulness

3. Couple loses nearly 300 lbs

How We Shed Nearly 300 Pounds, Multiple Symptoms, and All of Our Meds … in Just Two Years!

Vegans Average normal BMI:

4. Lissa of Raw Food Romance

Vegan Diet Study – 30% reduction in inflammation:

5. Rich Roll

Alzheimer’s Interview:–9OZQEcUIg

Article on Rich:

6. Jehina Malik

7. Erin Schaut

8. Elle Taylor

Transformation Story:

9. Nimai Delgado

10. 150 lbs weight loss:

150 Pounds Ago, I Was One Chinese Buffet Away from a Health Crisis


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