Looking at 8 clinical trials and a dozen of other studies on vegans we take a look through time at what changes you can expect and when as well as some hurdles and myths. Part 2:–L9tDk
– Links and Sources – – @micthevegan

My Whole Food Vegan Video:

Milk and Hormone Manipulation:

Inflammation Response After Egg and Sausage Meal:

Click to access zdc2281.pdf

Beyonce Diet Gas Article:

Increase Bean Consumption Symptoms Study:

Click to access 1475-2891-10-128.pdf

Discomfort Stopped after 24-48 hours study:

Legumes and Survival:

Vegan Gut Type:

Click to access nutrients-06-04822.pdf

Enterotypes and Foods:

Click to access Science2011Wu..pdf

Vegan Gut / TMAO Study:

Vegans More Regular Poopers Oxford Study:

3 Week Artery Clearing Dietary Trial:

Click to access JFP_06307_Article1.pdf

Vegan Protein Levels Are Higher Study:

12 Weeks Diabetics Gone Vegan Trial:

14 Week Obesity Weight Loss Vegan Study:

16 Week Vegan Migraines Study:

16 Week Office Worksite Study:

Click to access ejcn201392a.pdf

22 Week Vegan Diabetes Trial:

Click to access Diabetes-Care.pdf

22 Week Workplace Vegan Trial – Productivity, etc.:

24 Week Vegan Keto Dietary Trial:

Vegans 16% less cancer:

Vegan Less Mortality:

Vegan Diabetes:

Vegans 10% less Hypothyroidism:

Vegan 63% less Hypertension:

Vegan Less Heart Disease:

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