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Thanks for clicking on this video and watching it. I hope that these tips/pieces of advice can help you incorporate more vegan meals into your life 🙂
I totally understand that not everyone will be vegan and not everyone wants to be a vegan – and that’s your choice! I’ve learnt over the years that even by reducing the amount of animal product that you eat by a tiny amount each week can make a difference 🙂
We’re all trying to do what’s best for our health and I feel so grateful that veganism works well for my body and aligns with my values.

Tips for going vegan!
– Understand why it is you want to go vegan
– Research facts, nutritional information, watch docos, read blogs & scientific papers etc to get good awareness of health information
– Create a board on Pinterest with vegan food ideas
– Work out staples that will be in your diet (most are cheap fruits and veg – avoid processed expensive foods if you can)
– If you are wanting to gradually transition, try cutting out animal products one by one and replacing them with vegan alternatives – meat free Monday is a good idea
– Incorporate more fruits and veg into your diet
– Get experimental with cooking and creating a few staple meals you love to eat
– Create an instagram page for your food and use hashtags to connect with other people that are also vegan so you don’t feel alone (it can be daunting if you’re the only vegan you know)




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