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Marcel Gnauk is a full time traveler. Throughout his travels he also works as a professional sound recordist, capturing everything from birds chirping to various toilet flush noises. Additionally, he and his girlfriend run an incredibly successful vegan blog.

In this episode I discover how he is able to travel full time, and what lessons he has learned from several years of living abroad. Marcel also explores some eye-openingly dark topics from his experience in the human trafficking industry. Some interesting topics we cover include:

1:20 – The life of a vegan traveler and field recordist
10:21 – How to get money without asking for it
18:03 – The most beautiful sound in the world
28:13 – The most surprising thing about traveling full time
40:42 – The benefits of a vegan diet
1:06:30 – The social science of drinking
1:20:31 – What it’s like living with tourettes
1:43:07 – Experience as a journalist in the human trafficking industry

The full podcast episode:

Lessons From Traveling Around the World with Marcel Gnauk

The audio version of this podcast:

The most interesting excerpts from this podcast:

The Most Surprising Thing About Traveling Full Time

The Most Surprising Thing About Traveling Full Time

What It’s Like Living With Tourettes

What It’s Like Living With Tourettes


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