Meal Preparation
**NOTE FOR THE CHILI: I forgot to talk about the spices, but the recipe is all listed in the beginning so make sure you don’t forget to add sea salt, garlic powder, chili powder, etc. etc! Also, you don’t have to add meat crumbles but I added the gardein gluten free ones and it was sooooo good. I eat it with lime and hot sauce!

Hi guys! I finally got around to doing this vegan meal prep for weight loss video. I’ve lost 4 pounds so far following James’ (ClinicTraining) work outs and eating the way I show you in this video and in my What I Eat in a Day video (

I will usually prep for the week on Sunday night and have this food for the next 5 days.

Please thumbs if I did a good job bc YOU GUYS this video was so hard to make! I usually can meal prep and cook within one hour max two, and filming this all on my own while cooking took HOURS. So I hope you like it and that I did okay!

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