Today i looked back to my verry first video’s..
My heart was broken that i thought i was ugly back then but now i feel like a monster :'(

Hi my Name is Laïka but you can call me Laïkie 🙂 i turned vegan 25september2015 ! and i started my youtube channel on my birthday wich is 4november and also 2015 , why do you ask? Because i wanted to share my new vegan lifestyle & also i love making other fun video’s for just entertainement 😀 haha
i have a daughter named Jaslene & a boyfriend Athiwat, im half filipina & my boyfriend is 100% Thai, we both live together in Belgium & we kind of hate it 😀 haha but we make the best of it ofcourse, i wanna move to australia so badly ! hopefully that will be a come true dream ! i would like to say welcome to my channel & i hope you enjoy!
101 Reasons to go Vegan

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