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In this video, I’m sharing with you my weird life hacks that I’ve adopted over the years to keep me on the whole foods plant-based vegan diet FOR LIFE! Honestly, it’s so easy to be vegan wherever you go… BUTTTT if you’re eating a WFPB diet and don’t add salt, sugar, oil, or processed foods – it’s a bit tougher!! HOWEVER I’ve crafted these weird habits and hacks that I’ve adopted that make the BIGGEST changes! Say hello to easy snacks, foods on the go, eating at restaurants easily, and making this weight maintenance EASYYYY! This will make it EASY to be a WFPB hunni in the real world!

Also in this video, it’s the last vlog of when my mum visited me in Melbourne! The footage is from January – but hey, you hunnies say you like the vlogs! We went to Snow White Bakery in Albert Park. I LOVE that place!! She got the vegan coconut panna cota and I got oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon! I HIGHLY recommend this place!

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