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Hey #HEALTHYHUNNIES!This video was SO FUN to make! I loved finding out all of these life hacks for your healthy vegan lifestyle! Usually the hacks for the vegan lifestyle aren’t geared toward a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle that us Healthy Hunnies eat – so I wanted to find some hacks that will help us out with our fruit and veggies! In this video you’ll learn about…
How to pick a ripe watermelon
Male vs. female eggplants and which is sweeter
How to tell if your avocado is ripe
How to keep your apple slices fresh and not brown
Which produce you should refrigerate
How to store tomatoes
Why your potatoes and onions should be separate
How to keep your potatoes from sprouting
How to cut grapes in half FAST!
How to choose the ripest bananas!
If you want another one of these videos – let me know in the comments!

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