Green Juice Recipe for Adrenal Fatigue & Stress Relief (JUST DO IT!)

Green Juice- Smoothie Hybrid 😀


* Swiss chard
* Dandelion Leaves
* Parsley
* Lemon
* Lime
* Cucumber

Amount is according to you, if you feel you cannot tolerate the flavor add green apple, carrot, beets, or an orange. Really can’t go wrong with apple and carrot!

I juice the greens and set it aside. Then I put into the BLENDER: lemon WITH THE WHITE PITH, juiced the lime (fork method) since it was tough, cucumber whole, chia seeds too with some water and blend away! OR you can juice it all … whatever you prefer.

With an overtaxed body, sometimes it doesn’t need extra calories, just MINERAL DENSITY and chlorophyll/ alkalinity to keep your system moving smoothly. I LOVE THIS!!!!

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