HOW TO MEAL PREP: Super Easy High Protein Vegan Meal Prep for the Week! Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks!

Hi guys! I thought I would remake a meal prep video, as the first one I think was quite a messy video! Hopefully this video, would be more of help in terms of how to make each meal! The ingredients are listed down below! All meals last me the week and stay fresh! I keep them in the fridge and they keep well!

Meal Prep boxes are from @emerladlivingmealprep

I reuse the meal prep boxes! They are microwaveable and dishwasher safe!

I bought mine from amazon:

Pre workout: Vegan Myprotein Lean Bar MACROS: 163KCALS 25C 3F 10P

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And the link:

Breakfast: Chocolate Peanut butter Crepes MACROS: 462KCALS 54C 8F 35P
– 250ml almond milk
– 70g spelt flour
– 20g chocolate soy isolate – I you use whey, it will alter the ratios of everything else because whey is much thinner then soy isolate
– 5g of cacao powder
– A squeeze of a lemon
– Baking powder
– And salt
– Strawberries
– Powdered PB from my protein
– 3g Cacao nibs

Snack 1: Chocolate Chia pudding MACROS: 187KCALS 13C 7F 19P
– 15g chia seeds
– 15g chocolate soy isolate
– 5g cacao powder
– Water
– Kiwi
– 3g cacao nibs

Lunch: Buddah Bowl MACROS: 309KCALS 28C 12F 21P
– 100g quinoa
– Lettuce
– Alfafa sprouts
– Cucumber
– Tomato
– Grilled sweet peppers
– 30g avocado
– 125g of grilled tofu
– Lemon, herbs, paprika, hot sauce, salt

Snack 2: Yogurt pot MACROS: 138KCALS 9C 7F 7P
– 100g soy isolate
– 5g agave syrup
– 1 drop of chocolate peanut butter flavour drops from my protein
– Blueberries
– 10g smooth coconut Peanut butter

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