My vegan breastfeeding journey + tips

I hope these tips are helpful! What has your experience with breastfeeding been? Do you have other tips I didn’t cover? Please share!

– great resource for breastfeeding info
• Kindred Space LA Lactation Lounge:
• my breast pump(s):
– the first one I had was the Ameda Finesse — I hated it!
– then I got the Spectra S2 — much better
– both fully covered by insurance
• Mother’s Milk Tea

Mother’s Milk®

• Tahini cookies

Life-Changing Cinnamon Tahini Cookies

• EarthMama Booby Tubes
• I’ve also used the EarthMama nipple balm, but it does have beeswax in it, so for a fully vegan alternative I simply use coconut oil

Covered in the video:
0:00 Intro
1:23 Lactation consultants
2:50 My story
5:31 Colostrum
7:25 Weight gain issues
10:23 Pumping
12:00 “Nipple confusion”
13:43 Success!
15:21 Breastfeeding tips
15:57 Milk supply
18:09 Hydration
19:27 Tea
20:11 Supplements
20:44 Diet
21:30 Oats
22:34 Stress
24:09 Massage
25:24 Engorgement
28:40 Nipple balm

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