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I’m back with another What I Eat in a Day Review and this week I’m reviewing a fellow Canadian girl, Rose of Cheap Lazy Vegan. She’s got lots of videos for vegan recipes, meal prep, what I eat in a day, and vegan mukbangs videos which I find problematic but ill save that rant for another time. So let’s get on to the review, with one of her most recent What I Eat in a Day videos.
Fun fact, a recent study was done looking at weight gain over the holidays, and no surprise, weight does increase, but just like 1.3 pounds. Honestly, I wouldn’t stress about this. IIf you go into the holidays with a cheat day or I guess a cheat season mentality, then you’re bound to eat past your satiety cues and then spend the rest of the year restricting in an effort to make up for it.
She’s not doing some sort of crazy diet, not fasting until late, she’s just intuitively waiting for her body to wake up and start feeling hungry! if it works for her it works for me.
This is so much better than grabbing all of the different bags and scooping and portioning out each ingredient. I mean, there are a LOT of expensive supplements in here, so this smoothie definitely isn’t cheap Ms. Cheap Lazy Vegan, but I’m sure its satisfying. And I love that she has included a lot of protein from the powder and the hemp seeds, it’s got the healthy fats and Omega 3’s from the chia and flax seeds, lot’s of antioxidants, and it’s even a great source of iron which can sometimes be difficult to plan into a plant-based diet.
I love the focus on getting in lots of greens and vegetables. They are great sources of fibre, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and folate. Chinese broccoli even has some omega-3 ALA content so YAY.
Steaming is great if you’re trying to save some calories without cooking with oil, and it’s a better option than boiling to retain more of the nutrients.
I love how Rose always makes sure to get a satiating source of protein in. Soy tends to get a bad rep- there’s all sorts of theories about it causing cancer, or thyroid problems, or even messing with fertility. However, there’s a lot of research that shown health benefits of soy, even for non-vegans.
One thing I love about this recipe that Rose is showing is that it has a variety of cooking methods- she’s steaming the vegetables, pan frying the tofu, and boiling some noodles.
Overall, I’d say Rose’s diet is really well balanced and well thought out.
Her diet is really high in fibre and she’s getting about 50 g on this day. She’s also getting in good sources of omega 3 even without the supplement, and she’s meeting her calcium, iron, and B vitamin requirements that are sometimes the hardest to get on a fully vegan diet. Because of the variety of protein sources, she is consuming, she’s also getting all of her 9 essential amino acids- which if you didn’t know, soy is the only plant-based source of protein that contains all of the essential amino acids.
Here’s what I like about Rose’s WIEIAD:
Her recipes are simple and delicious
She uses a variety of ingredients
She sends out positive food and nutrition vibes
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