Vegan LOW FODMAPS Diet! HEAL your gut!!

What I eat on my gluten free vegan FODMAPS diet. This diet is an elimination diet that is helping me heal my stomach and helping me to figure out what foods my gut can’t tolerate at all! It’s been a long process and I’m currently at week 5 (I was at week 3 in this video).

I’ve already begun reintroducing certain foods to see if they still irritate me at the point I am at now! Here is the link for more information about the FODMAP diet- I highly suggest this diet for anyone who suffers from stomach irritation, celiac disease, leaky gut, IBS etc. And it is entirely possible to do it as a vegan and gluten free!

Some people say spy products are high fodmap- I personally can tolerate them and find tempeh to be amazing to eat as it’s fermented and breaks down differently than tofu- it’s also less processed. I very much suggest trying it to see if you tolerate it!

You can check out my recent What I Ate In A Day videos for what I eat while being low fodmap friendly!


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