2 YEAR VEGAN UPDATE: health, cost, tips etc.

This is an update on life after 2 years being vegan. I talk about what my experience has been like regarding my health, costs of living, the relationships in my life and also give some unsolicited tips about how to deal with the social and personal stresses that can sometimes come with being vegan.

And as promised…
00:36 – Why I went vegan
01:36 – How it was adjusting to a new lifestyle
03:11 – Learning new recipes and trying new foods
03:57 – Cost of living
04:43 – A brief acknowledgment of my privilege
05:16 – Relationships (dealing with friends, family and f*** boys)
07:55 – An update on my health since going vegan
09:32 – How I view veganism/ there’s no “right” way to be vegan
15:98 – You can’t expect yourself to be a perfect vegan
18:00 – Why being vegan is important

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