Meal Preparation
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Bienvenidos. I am into meal prepping just to make sure I eat good during the week and don’t waste a lot of time cooking and cleaning. I am Puerto Rican and Vegan so I figured why not try my hand at cooking like this for a week in a way that advocates getting in more fruits and vegetables. I want to help people make the transition easier and feel the video is necessary. Bless you.

Breakfast- 4 Servings of Fruit/ Smoothie
Lunch/ Dinner- Sopa de gandules (Naturally Vegan)
Brown rice with vegetables and a spinach salad
Brown rice with beans and pumpkin and steamed corn and steamed broccoli
Snack- I don’t eat snacks anymore but you can choose nuts/seeds or anything really

Puerto Rican Vegan Week of Meals-
Puerto Rican Vegan Sancocho-
Puerto Rican Vegan Pollo Guisado-
Puerto Rican Vegan Scrambled Eggs-
Puerto Rican Vegan Empanadas with homemade dough and 3 ways to make Picadillo-
Puerto Rican Vegan Spaghetti-
Puerto Rican 3 Brown Rice Recipes-
Puerto Vegan Potato Salad (Ensalada de papa)-
Puerto Rican Vegan Pasteles (Tamales)-
Puerto Rican Vegan Christmas-
Puerto Rican 2 Vegan Breakfasts (Desayunos Veganos)-

Positive vibrations. I’m grateful you’ve been led to this channel. I hope something I’ve said hasn’t just inspired you, but has moved you into action. Please subscribe and leave a comment as I love conversation. I’m also open to video requests.

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