Vegan Mushroom Gravy. No Oil 1 Pot Gluten free Mushroom Gravy made in a pressure cooker or saucepan. Freezer friendly. 30 Mins.

Mushrooms can take a long time to cook down and brown in a pan for the right flavor. They cook faster under pressure. If you use less liquid in the dish, then they also brown and pick on a caramelized flavor under pressure. That is what I do for this gravy.

No need to brown or stand near the kitchen, and hence no need for the oil. Just chop and dump everything in the instant pot. Pressure cook. Come back and simmer for a few mins to thicken and done. As with most the recipes, stove top instructions are added too! Try this super flavorful 1 Pot Mushroom gravy!

For a Mushroom-free Gravy see

Music: Show Love by Joakin Karud
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