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What I Eat in a Day is the most requested thing on the Steph and Adam Youtube Channel! Since announcing that we follow a Plant Based Diet / Vegan Diet you are all very curious as to what I eat in a day. If you have been following our journey you would know that Adam is on a Weight Cut. That means that each week for 12 weeks, he tracks his macros and calories into an app called LIFESUM. As this is Adam’s 9th week of cutting weight, his calories are much lower then the average person should be eating. We recommend you follow the Lifesum apps recommendations as it will calculate your calories and macros for your specific goal. If you don’t want to lose weight that is totally fine. We understand that not everyone needs to lose weight. But you can use the app for many health goals, like gaining weight, bulking or simply staying on track and creating healthy habits.

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Our Plant Based Meal Prep Playlist:

Latest Plant Based Meal Prep Playlist 2018:


Plant Based Meal Prep Recipes

Yellow Rice Rice:

Loaded Baked Potatoes:

Grilled Tofu:

Veggie Burger and Fries:

Steph’s Curry:

Rice & Beans:

Penne Alla Vodka:

Vegan Tacos:

Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl:

Adam’s One Pot Quinoa:



Adam’s Knife:

Our full cookware:

My Body Fat Scale:

Our Meal Prep Cook Book:


Adam’s Weight Cut Series (Plant Based)

How I lost 80lbs:

Week 1 Results:

Week 2 Results (Weight loss Plateaus):

Week 3 Results (Q&):

Week 4 Results (Counting Calories):

Week 5 Results (Flexible Dieting):

Week 7 Results (Body Fat Scale):

Week 9 Results


New Channel Update (Steph and Adam):


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