Vegan Instant Pot Recipes High Protein – This High Protein Vegan Instant Pot Recipe takes 5 minutes.

When you need the Instant Pot Vegan High Protein quick meal – this Instant Pot Vegan Pasta Recipes with Lentils comes through with High Protein (82-103g Protein).

This High protein whole food vegan recipe is one I make all the time. The Red Split Lentils stick to the pasta and make a “cheese” sauce, no Nutritional Yeast required. Adjust the amount of water to change the thickness of the oil free vegan pasta sauce.

High protein vegan pasta recipe. This Instant pot high protein recipes is perfect for Dinner when you don’t have anything prepared. Quick Vegan Instant Pot Recipes which also qualify as quick instant Pot recipes vegetarian.

Red Pill Vegan

How to cook whole wheat pasta in the instant pot PLAIN

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