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We have two Apples and depending on how sweet you like your juice you can either add one or two. Certainly you the saying: an apple a day… and this is true. Apples are ranked second highest for anti-oxidant activity – the most antioxidants are in the peel so we can benefit from the juice that is extracted from it. Apples do belong to the so called dirty dozen because they are exposed to a high level of artificial pesticides so make sure you pick organic apples if you can.

Next we got my all time favorite juice base: cucumber. Cucumber will hydrate your body that’s why I personally like to drink it in the mornings just after waking up (or when hung over). It’ll replenish your body with anti-inflammatory flavonols that protect your brain and make your more alert during the day.

Another core ingredient in my juices is celery. We need two stalks, but do feel free to add more. I’ve talked about celery in the past and I don’t know why nobody screams SUPERFOOD all the time! Because it really boasts so many anti-oxidants you wouldn’t believe – apart from Vitamin C scientists have now identified 12 other antioxidant nutrients in celery and it gives you juice a fresh and delicious taste.

As an optional ingredient we need a clove of garlic. I say optional because this might not be something for the beginning juice enthusiast out there. I recommend eating garlic at least once per day because it may help you lose weight. While still in its very early stages, research suggests that garlic consumption may actually help to regulate the number of fat cells that get formed in our body. How cool is that?

Lastly, I’ll add a healthy pinch of cayenne pepper to the mix. Native americans have used cayenne for at least 9,000 years because it contains a substance called capsaicin. It helps reduce pain with arthritis or low back pain. For all of you who are looking to shred some pounds: science suggest it’ll suppress the appetite. But those studies are not conclusive because it’s hard to only eat cayenne – so other ingredients might have come into play.

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