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This recipe for fried cauliflower makes the perfect vegan finger food. Tender bits of cauliflower are marinated in soy milk and seasoning, later tossed in flour and deep-fried until super crispy and golden. They are so delicious and fun to make.

I am super excited to share this fried cauliflower recipe with you all. This might not be one of the healthy vegan recipes you are looking for, but I can assure you it will surprise your taste buds in the best way possible.
The super crunchy crumbly crust, the tender well-seasoned marinated pieces of cauliflower, and fried to perfection that’s what a dream appetizer sounds to me. This recipe make great vegan party food and appetizer. it’s a recipe that equally liked by kids.

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Get Set vegan mainly focus on creating delicious Vegan and cruelty-free recipes. Some of the recipes are gluten-free too. These Videos contain ASMR Cooking sounds. I hope this will be as pleasing for your auditory senses as much as your visual ones. 🙂

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