One Week VEGAN Flat Belly Meal Prep (under 90 Minutes)

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Both Lorraine & I have worked on this One-Week Flat Belly Meal Prep because we want you to succeed. I’ll be sharing the meals from Monday to Wednesday, and hop onto Lorraine’s channel to get the full meals from Thursday to Saturday.

This Flat Belly Meal Prep is
– suitable for Vegans
– requires minimal cooking
– time efficient, I’ve prep all of these meals under 90 mins
– we’ll be using simple ingredients which are widely available
– we’ll only be using Real Food with high nutritional values.

Watch the video for full Recipes including calories for each meal:
Breakfast – 3 variations of Overnight Oatmeals
Lunch – Vegan Mashed Chickpeas Sandwich
Dinner – Scrambled Tofu Pineapple Fried Rice
Snacks – Green Smoothie & Trail Mix

The full meals average at about 1500Cals and I’ll also give myself about 150 extra calorie allowance especially on my workout days. Depending on your activity level and body measurements, you will need to adjust the calories accordingly.

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