Raw Vegan Detox, Benefits, Tips, Meal Ideas, Fully Transitioning!

In this video Eli Martyr of The FreeMelon Society and i discuss raw veganism, morality, objective truth, moral relativism, detoxification on a raw vegan diet, meal ideas, transitioning, weight loss, spiritual evolution, personal responsibility in the progression of the human race and the health benefits that come with a raw vegan fruit based diet.

Some Topics Discussed:

4:58 – What exactly is a Raw Vegan, and what do they eat

15:30 What physical changes and detox symptoms can we expect when shifting to a Raw food Vegan lifestyle

32:54 What is it about the world we live in that makes this lifestyle difficult to adopt (for most people)

46:20 – Shane’s suggestions for what kinds of meals work when starting off on the healthy lifestyle

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