The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet ♥ Why I’m Vegan

Being vegan I get asked a lot of questions all the time. Why are you vegan? How do i transition into veganism? What on earth do you eat? Are you going to marry a carrot? etc etc. Hah. ♥ ♥

So I figured I could start doing some blogs about my vegan lifestyle to spread the love and hopefully inspire some people to see it can be easy and the benefits are not only for yourself… its something I feel incredibly passionate about and I now know is a lot simpler and easier than people would ever imagine.

The key for me to transition into a plant based lifestyle was when I realized it was not just about me. Sure, I get the health benefits and vitality but it was also the positive contribution to our planet and the lives of the many animals I was saving which solidified my commitment. For example, there is a stat that shows that by not consuming meat, I save 202 animals a year! How great is that..can you imagine if I could threw a party for them all 😉

On top of the planetary impact, I’ve also have found that a vegan diet allows me to not just drop pounds (I’ve lost 20 lbs since going vegan) but also keep them off. My cholesterol is super low, I’m full of energy, and I rarely ever feel sluggish like I have when I consumed meat.

If you are interested to find out more information about a vegan diet and lifestyle, feel free to comment below and ask any questions.

Some great documentaries that I’ve mentioned in the video can also be viewed through the links below. I highly recommend you guys watch at least a few of these to really educate yourself on how the food you eat impacts your body and the world.

The Ghosts In Our Machine♥
Food Inc♥
The Cove♥
Maximum Tolerated Dose♥

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Shot in Samara, Costa Rica.

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