A week of VEGAN dinners 》7 vegan recipes and ideas #veganwhatieatinaday

#whatieatinaday #vegandinners

Here is a typical week of the VEGAN dinners we eat in our home. I’ll share with you 7 vegan recipes and ideas that I hope to inspire you to get more PLANT-BASED meals into your diet.

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A 100% hardcore vegan diet isn’t for everyone, but I do believe we can introduce more plant-based meals into our diets. I hope this ‘what I eat in a day’ video gives you vegan recipe inspiration that you can take forward into your own life. This video represents a week of vegan dinners that work for me and my family, so I would encourage you to look at this video as an example of vegan weekday recipes that provides inspiration for you to find plant-based recipes that work fo you. A week of healthy vegan dinners I hope gives you an idea of what a healthy & balanced plant-based eater has during a normal week. Please have a go at my vegan weekday recipes, you can find plenty on my blog linked above. I hope you enjoy this ‘what I eat in a week’ video.

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