Vegan Meal Prep |Collage Edition | Easy |

This is an easy vegan meal prep for college students. Our goal is to promote health and wellness. We strive to spread veganism by creating easy to follow recipes.
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College meal prep
1. Protein oats
1 cup of oats ( ↑ beta-glucan to reduces LDL)
1 cups of dairy free milk ( 50% of daily vitamin b12)
3 tbs of chia ( sources of Omega- 3) helps raise HDL
¼ tbs of cinnamon
¼ tbs of sugar
½ cup of strawberries
2. Strat with making quinoa (base complete protein)
3 cups of quinoa and 10 ½ cups of water
Oil with onion cock then add quinoa
Cook tell golden
Then add water and cook for 20 mins.
3. Veggie mix
– Add 3 cups of onion ( anti- inflammatory properties)
– Add 3 cups of mix bell peppers (High in vitamin C)
– Add pink himalayan salt
– Add tofu ( contains all nine essential a.a)
4. Kale delight ( nearly 3 grams of protein and Vitamins A, C, K ) = 1 cup
– oil and cock and with garlic (let it get golden brown)
– Add 10 cups of kale and let it steam
– Add a little bit of water if necessary
5 . food pre
-add quinoa
-add veggie mix
-add kale delight

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