6 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Meal Prep

Not 1, 2, or 3, but here’s 6 delicious and easy vegan breakfast ideas that are great for meal prep and healthy options

There is literally something for everyone!
Sweet & Savory
Top 8 Allergen Free ideas
On the go
Prep Ahead
You name it!

★Recipes linked in bio★
🌱 Zucchini Bread: https://makeitdairyfree.com/vegan-zucchini-bread/
🌱Chickpea & Tahini Stuffed Baked Potatoes : https://makeitdairyfree.com/chickpea-and-tahini-vegan-stuffed-baked-potatoes/
🌱Banana and Blueberry Stuffed Sweet Potatoes : https://makeitdairyfree.com/banana-and-blueberry-stuffed-sweet-potatoes/
🌱 3 Ingredient Vegan Banana and Oatmeal Pancakes : https://makeitdairyfree.com/3-ingredient-vegan-banana-oatmeal-pancakes/
🌱 Easy Breakfast Vegan Sweet Potato Bowl : https://makeitdairyfree.com/easy-breakfast-vegan-sweet-potato-bowl/
🌱Cashew Based Cream Cheese: https://makeitdairyfree.com/cashew-based-vegan-cream-cheese/

❌❌❌Allergens: All of these can be Top 8 Free except the cashew based cream cheese.

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