I hope you like this video that includes two vegan recipes that our family loves! Recipe for. vegan pudding/mouse below! 🙂

My favorite snack at the moment, which is easy on my stomach and the kids love it too! ✌️ For my chocolate mousse you will need:
2 packages of silkin tofu
2 cups of chocolate chips (I use @enjoylifefoods chocolate chips because they are packaged in a gluten free facility… And no this is not an ad, I just really like them). You will need to melt the chocolate chips before adding it to this recipe 👈
6 tablespoons of maple syrup
Mint leaves for garnish
Blend everything but the mint leaves together, allow to chill for a day (15 hours minimum) in your fridge, and garnish with mint leaves! Super easy and high protein! 🌿✨♥️ Hope you enjoy! 🤗

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