Get healthy this fall with these easy vegan meal prep recipes

Yes, its the holiday season but that doesnt mean you cant eat delicious comforting vegan food and not be healthy. So make these recipes and enjoy:)
Also in this video for the just egg you can use tofu instead! its also less expensve.

Brussel sprouts
slice and trim add salt, pepper, garlic powder and a drizzle of oil.
bake until golden brown at 400 once out of oven drizzle with sweet chilli sauce.

saute peppers and onions add a little garlic towards the end. remove from pan then add in sliced yukon gold potatoes and season with salt, peppr, garlic, onion powder. add a little water to pan then cover and let cook down until potatoes are tender. add peppers and onion sback in and eat with just egg or vegan scramble.

Veggie fajitas
saute peppers and onions, garlic and mushrooms. add 1 packet fajita seasoning and some lime juice. add frozen or fresh corn towards then end. eat with warmed up tortillas or rice.

zucchini lasgana
saute 1 yellow onion in a little oil or water for less fat. then add in jarred spaghetti sauce 1 TBS sugar and few dashes of hot sauce (optional) let simmer on low heat until evrything is prepaprd.

Vegan ricotta cheese
Add 1 1/2 block firm or extra firm tofu to food proccesor. 1/4 cup nutrional yeast, 1/4 cup fresh basil, 2 TBS oil, like grape seed, olive, or avocado oil and 1 1/4 tsp sea salt. blend.

Slice 2 large zucchinis with a mandolin then place on paper towel put another one on top and press as much water out as you can.

saute baby bella mushrooms adding some sea salt and pepper.
Next take a casserole dish and add some sauce at the bottom to prevent sticking. add the zucchini layer, ricotta, mushrooms, and more sauce repeat until there is no more room in the pan. Add some more cheese on top then bake at 350 for 30 to 40 mins.

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