THE ULTIMATE VEGAN MEAL PREP (healthy, energizing food)

Here is the link to my ebook where you can find the BBQ Tempeh Wrap with cilantro cream sauce + Cheesy Polenta with Red Bisque which are both featured in this video!

Ingredients list:
Orange juice: big bag of oranges

Oat balls: oats, dates, coconut flakes, seeds + nuts, nut butter, cinnamon

Chopped veggies: carrots + celery

Big tossed salad: greens, purple cabbage + fresh veggies

Tahini lemon dressing: tahini, lemon juice, water, maple syrup, salt

Everything sauce: cashews, lemon juice/apple cider vinegar, salt

BBQ tempeh wrap w/ cilantro cream sauce (recipe in ebook

Beans: dried beans, yellow onion, fresh garlic, yellow bell peppers, jalapeno, cumin, oregano, chili powder, garlic powder

Cheesy polenta with Red Bisque (recipe in ebook

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