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Today I am sharing with you an easy 10 minute vegan meal for overall health and weight loss that is delicious and straight out of my pantry. This meal is plant based, free from oil, higher in starch to help satisfy you and full of fiber to keep you fuller longer. I have actually eaten this meal for the past year and a half while I lost my 50 LBS of body fat. I also still eat it to maintain my current weight.

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Thanks again for watching, subscribing and liking. Switching to a vegan, plant based lifestyle has completely changed my life. My health has improved dramatically and I have been able to drop 50 LBS f unhealthy body fat eating an abundance of plant foods. Pretty much every meal I eat is high in starch, low in fat and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to make. SO make sure you check out my blog for all of my fast and easy recipes: www.hungryveganmama.com/blog

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