Easter Vegetarian Meal – Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes from Sarala’s Kitchen

Healthy Easter Dinner, Delicious Vegetarian Easter Dinner. Bruschetta, Rice, Beans flavored with spices, Vegetables, toasted bread, and strawberry orange salad.

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Sarala has seen the world, with experience of delicious cooking of over 50 years; Friends always like to invite themselves to enjoy her meals.

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Healthy Easter Dinner
• Asparagus – 10
• Carrot – 8
• Roma Tomato – 5
• Potato – 4
• Onion – 1
• Basil – a bunch
• Beans -1cup
• Green Chili – 2
• Ginger – 1-inch piece
• Garlic -6 cloves
• Avocado -1
• French Bread-6 pieces
• Cheese – 1cup
• Cumin seed-2 Tsp
• Salt-2 Tsp
• Black pepper -2 Tsp
• Olive oil-6 Tbsp
• Feta Cheese- ½ cup
• Parmesan Cheese- ½ cup
• Kosher Salt(optional)-2 Tsp
• Cucumber – 2
• Orange- 1
• Strawberry – 6
1. Bruschetta. Cut Tomato into small pieces, Saute Onion, Garlic, Cumin seed and add to cut tomato. Add Kosher salt or Normal salt and Black pepper along with basil
2. Cut the Carrot length-wise and Sauté in Oil, Cumin, and Garlic till these are tender. Add salt to taste, Black pepper, and little vinegar
3. Clean and wash Asparagus and sauté in oil, cumin seed, and garlic till tender. Add salt to taste, black pepper, little vinegar,
4. Potato, Saute in oil with ginger, garlic, cumin seed and cook till tender, add salt, black pepper, basil
5. Cook, Rice, add little oil and basil
6. Cook Beans or get cooked beans, Saute in oil, Cumin seed, Garlic, Ginger, Green Pepper Salt to taste, Red Chili/Black pepper and Basil
7 Toast French bread in olive oil just to make crispy
8 Assemble the dinner plate with Rice, Beans, Carrots, Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes, cucumber, Cheese
9 Assemble on bread, Avocado Dip and Tomato, Bruschetta and Strawberry Orange Salad (see Video)
Delicious, Healthy Easter Dinner is Ready. Enjoy

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